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Everyone knows that fitness is good for you. But at Tri-Fit, we make it fun — and we’ll help you find a routine that works for your lifestyle and personal goals. Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got what you need to stay healthy and feel great.  We want to be a place where anyone can come and join in on the fitness fun. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest.

Amy has experience as a Healthy Living Director of the YMCA in Sioux Falls, SD.  Some of my clientele but not limited to: Parkinson clients, mommies, athletes, clients that are trying to rebuild strength after surgeries.  I also teach Diabetes Prevention and weight loss by showing you how to eat for a lifetime not dieting. 


Here at Tri-Fit, we are passionate about people feeling well mentally, physically, and emotionally; so we focus on strength, flexibility , core, and cardio. We have seen over the years this is what matters the most as we age.

We want to build a community that is encouraging to meet your health goals.  We are committed to every population .  We offer classes for beginners all the way to the person that feels advanced in their fitness level. Personal training is available to those who want to work with someone to meet their exact needs.


We believe that fitness is just not physical; it is the mind, the body, and emotions.  One is not greater than the other, it takes all three to be healthy. We want Tri-Fit to be more than another fitness studio, we want it to be your happy place.  When you leave you feel better than when you came. 


Our mission verse is from the book of John . A man had been laying by a healing pool for 38 years.  Jesus looked at him and said "Do you want to get well?" So we ask each client the same questions.  Do you want to be your best self and well? We are here as a team to help. 

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